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Boardman River Trail Hike

I went for a hike on one of four Boardman River Trails near the old Brown Bridge Pond

This is on the 1-mile loop trail leading to the new bridge (The Grasshopper Bridge) crossing the Boardman River

The Boardman River is the river that flows through  downtown Traverse City and we were about fifteen miles upstream.  The photo is taken while on a smaller bridge over a tributary to the Boardman.  When I first moved to the Traverse City area in 1991 the Brown Bridge Quiet Area was one of the first areas I hiked and has been a favorite of the many other trails hiked in Michigan.  I often put “go for a hike” on my list of things to do so I get it done because that is one of the things it is about-hiking!  This time it was a friend that had it on his list and I just happened to be with him at that time.  What a serene day for a hike with friends and the sounds of nature!

Hiking a Boardman River Tributary near TC
March 2018; Shawn R Smith at the Brown Bridge Quiet Area

Brown Bridge Walking Trail Information

Map to 1 mile loop parking (trail 4)