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Some Boats Included

Info About Boats Included and Rental Boats

Some Boats are Shared and Included with your Cabin Rental:  Row, Peddle, 2-Kayaks, Canoe

Life Jackets, included.

There is a Shallow and Sandy Public Island, Island #3, it is a destination for many people coming to or living on Spider Lake!

It is unlikely you will find Boats Included or a Public Island like this one, Anywhere Else!



pedal boat included
A Peddle Boat For Your Use. Take it to the Public Swimming Island!


Think About This


To have a boat or not to have a boat?

I think if you are going to rent a place on a beautiful & friendly lake, like Spider Lake, it is in your group’s best interest that they have the option to get out over the water day or night.  The awe inspiring, colorful or starry night views from shore are hard to beat but, for those inclined to venture off, the boats allow one to experience a deeper sense of possibilities, nature and more.  They can feel the movement of water under a kayak or pontoon boat, peer into the clean waters, capture the lay of the land and the architecture around the lake and enjoy the seasons from the lake that Michigan has to offer!  With the boats included and motorized rental boats offered at a fair price, Shawn’s Place offers this option!

Shopping for Accommodations?

Also, as you shop for that special getaway for you and your group think of the individuals and their needs.  Set the priorities; is this a business trip where accomplishing your business goals is the priority or a honeymoon getaway!  Maybe it’s time away from the everyday for you, family and friends; time to be together yet, have the option for those that want to go off and do their own thing.

While some or all of the group at some point will want to go to town for a multitude of reasons or a little further to see the blessed Sleeping Bear Dunes and surrounding area, most often you will be at the cabins and for those that want to venture out & over Spider Lake they will have the option to do it!  They will have the space to venture off yet, all will be nearby enough to feel you are still together!

I think the really nice thing about staying here is you have the option to rent one or two separate cabins, side-by-side.  That equates to more space, more beds and a higher degree of privacy.

Shawn's Kayaks Included for your use!
Two Kayaks available and shared between both cabins!



Kayaks and other rental boats Included to get out on the Water!
What a way to relax!

All boats have a contract either within the cabin registration form or a separate form typically used for motorized boats.

Questions: 231.357.1211