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About: A Search of Purpose

About: A Search of Purpose


Hi, I’m Shawn Smith!

unconscious search of purpose

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and in the winter of 1991 I made a temporary move to the Spider Lake/Traverse City area, unconsciously in a search of purpose, masquerading as a student taking some classes at Northwestern Michigan College.

Slowly waking my second morning in February and lying in bed on the second floor looking out the window half asleep all was white when a black squirrel was spotted down and about thirty feet away bounding across a split rail fence.  The fence had about six inches of fresh snow and each time the squirrel would jump it would knock some snow off the fence and to the ground.  The morning was still, except for this black squirrel on a pure white landscape.  It was like a living painting.  I watched this for about thirty seconds and realized at this moment that this is where I belonged.  And, here I am today sharing my good fortune with others looking for that special getaway.


A Re-creation of the Fence, the Snow, the Mind, the Epiphany! I replaced the original fence with this one years later.
The Epiphany!



This view helped while pursuing my unconscious personal search although the lake was frozen in February.
Love those Blues!


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View of Island #3, the Public Island
View of Island #3, the Public Island


Maybe You Know Someone that has a Conscious or Unconscious Search of Purpose?

I believe this land will wash your soul!  And you should let it!

Shawn 2019